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Space Settlements

Space settlements are the inevitable future of humanity - if we survive. While some people dream of colonies on the Moon, and many people dream of settlements on Mars - to make our species a multi-planetary one - it would seem that any expansion of humanity into the solar system would involve space settlements.

In the beginning, those will undoubtedly be constructed in Earth orbits - where they are needed to construct and operate solar power satellites, to build and/or maintain the commercial satellites we depend upon for weather information, television (DirecTV, Dish Network, even cable television), Sirius Satellite Radio, and other services.

Over time, space settlements will become their own economy, their own reason for being, just as the European colonies in the Americas eventually became independent of their founding nations and developed a vibrant and growing economy that no longer depended upon the support, resources, or even markets of Europe to thrive.

It is easily conceivable that by the end of the 21st Century several million people will inhabit a dozen or more orbiting space settlements. Indeed, it is possible that in less than a thousand years more people could live in space than on Earth.

Asteroid resources make it possible - and affordable - and even profitable.

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