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Who We Are

Al Globus
Al has worked as a contractor at NASA Ames Research Center for thirty years. His space settlement work is available at and
Jim Luebke
Jim Luebke is a senior systems engineer at a major aerospace company, with years of experience in both software and hardware. His interest into the practical next steps into humanity's expansion into the space frontier has led to investigation of and interest in the near-term potential of asteroid mining.
Chris Cassell
Chris has had a long-standing interest in space resource utilization, and did his PhD work in the use of lunar swingby, hoping to apply it to capturing NEOs into Earth orbit. He currently works for a large aerospace company where he's gained much orbit and mission analysis experience on commercial, NASA, and other government satellite programs.
Bryan Versteeg
A leading 3-D designer and space artist, Bryan is behind many of our images and is largely responsible for making our vision understandable to the public. See his site,, for a selection of his work.
Stephen D. Covey
Stephen is a space advocate and futurist, aspiring asteroid miner, physicist by education, consultant by career,  entrepreneur, and former Director of R&D for Applied Innovation Inc.. He writes science and science fiction as a hobby, including the mineral, rock, and gem educational website and the blog
Mark Sonter
Hailing from Australia, Mark is our asteroid mining and space radiation expert. He founded Asteroid Enterprises in 1986, after giving an asteroid resource recovery talk at an Aussie Space Engineering Conference (Sydney 1986), and founded his day-job company, Radiation Advice & Solutions Pty Ltd, in 1995. Here are his views on Asteroid Mining.
James Wolff
Having already founded a 3-D printer company (, James offers key insights, experience, and abilities for the construction of factories and habitats in space.

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